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Teen Wolf Search

A community for finding fic in the Teen Wolf Fandom

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Teen Wolf Fic Finder
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A fic finding community in the Teen Wolf fandom
This is a community for finding fic in the Teen Wolf fandom! Here are a few guidelines:

Do use a livejournal cut both when your search is lengthy, and when you are talking about spoilers.
Do warn for spoilers, and post them under a cut.
Do tag your entries.
Do use the header, and use it well. A post should read, "Looking for a Jackson/Danny fic!" or something else appropriately detailed.
Do warn for any triggers in the header, and put any details behind a cut.
Do edit your post when the fic is found with "FOUND" in the header, add in the found tag, and either add the link to the body of your post or direct people to the comments.
Do use the tag "looking for: recs" when you are searching for general recommendations, and search the tag first because someone might have asked already.

Do not forget tags.
Do not forget to look through the tags to see if the fic you are searching for has already been found.
Do not forget to put spoilers or lengthy posts behind cuts.
Do not flame or bash authors, characters, artists, actors and actresses, etc.

If you have any questions, please ask them here.
If you would like to request a tag, please do so here.

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