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Stiles is an undercover cop, misunderstanding, and Sterek ending.
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catzslave wrote in teenwolfsearch
Hi there,

from what I remember of the story, Stiles dressed up as a prostitute (in tight shorts in winter to his dismay) to catch "Johns". He was across the street from a club owned by Derek and Laura. Derek was attracted but not wanting to take advantage of an 'Underaged' prostitute. Derek and his bouncer Boyd prevented Stiles getting any customers and gave him a warm jacket. When Stiles was pulled from the assignment Derek showed up at Stiles precinct to do a missing persons report for Stiles. The boys end up together. Does this sound familiar?


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Is it this one?

gave your smile to me by Sarageek16

Summary: In which Stiles is a hooker (but not really), Derek wants to feed his skinny little body, and there is soup. Not necessarily in that order.


Thank you so much. I knew I had it but couldn't find it again.

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