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Looking for Derek/Stiles fic recs where Stiles brings the Hales back to life...
Hey All,

I am looking for some fic recs where Stiles brings the Hale family back to life through magic. I know I have read at least a couple stories that featured this subject, but for the life of me I can't find them. I'm specifically looking for this type of fic to have Stiles and Derek in a romantic relationship (first-time or established, either works for me).

I remember specifically on story that from what I remember was set during Season 3 with the human sacrifices... the pack interrupts the ritual that (Jennifer Blake???) is performing in some warehouse, I think. The ritual/spell can't be stopped, but it can be changed and so Stiles performs a little magic and brings all the Hales that died in the fire back to life. I remember that it was hard for Derek and his newly alive family to mend the dived the years created... him being an Alpha while his mother is an Alpha caused tension. There was a whole plot about the Hales reintegrating into life again, getting new identities, rebuilding the Hale house, etc.

Anyways, I am just looking for any fics you guys can recommend that delve into this theme no matter the rating or length.


Sterek amnesia stiles
Hello looking for a sterek stiles has amnesia. The pack think stiles is dead but hes alive with amnesia and working as a hunter. He has a tattoo on his back holding his memories each section represents a pack member who has to sever the line to break the memories free. Any help would be wonderful found link in comments thanks to aevenien who is awesome!

Lydia and Stiles are adopted siblings
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The story is Sterek with a minor Lydia/Allison. Lydia and Stiles were raised by Stiles's dad in a apocalypse society. Werewolves are known and will enslave humans. Witches are normal and are considered enemies to all humans. Unfortunately Stiles and Lydia were kidnapped by a witch for training as her pupils. They escaped but the escape caused Stiles to be be magically blinded. During their travels together Lydia and Stiles meet Allison (who becomes Lydia's GF) and capture Derek with the intent to sell him for profit. Derek ends up falling for Stiles and for Stile's sake protects Lydia and Allison from harm from other weres. Derek helps them escape, Lydia becomes a super witch and everyone lives happily ever after with Derek's betas and Stiles' dad.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Thank you.

Sterek & family
64 © Christie @ Sassied
Anyone know of any long or a good length Sterek stories where the Hale family is all either alive, resurrected or presumed dead but they made it out or some of them did? I read one where some of the family was living in Mexico (I think it was Mexico) and they Derek and Peter find them. Also I read one where the family along with Stiles mom was resurrected. Would love to read more like that. I would also love to find the where Peter and Derek find the family alive and Derek ends up in the hospital.

Stiles is an undercover cop, misunderstanding, and Sterek ending.
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Hi there,

from what I remember of the story, Stiles dressed up as a prostitute (in tight shorts in winter to his dismay) to catch "Johns". He was across the street from a club owned by Derek and Laura. Derek was attracted but not wanting to take advantage of an 'Underaged' prostitute. Derek and his bouncer Boyd prevented Stiles getting any customers and gave him a warm jacket. When Stiles was pulled from the assignment Derek showed up at Stiles precinct to do a missing persons report for Stiles. The boys end up together. Does this sound familiar?


Stiles Derek Game of Thrones
I'm hoping someone can help because this is driving me crazy. I've read this fic twice now and for the life of me I can't remember the title or author. Stiles finds an old book in the basement of the rebuilt Hale house and starts reading. He finds it odd that the main character has the same name as him "Genium" he feels connected while he reads this diary of sorts. He lives in a castle/kingdom with his aunt uncle and cousin Jackson I think. They are invaded by I believe the Argents. Stiles and Jackson and someone else that I cant remember escape to the woods were Jackson decides that he is going to find the wolf/shifter pack and get them to fight for his kingdom back. The alpha Derek takes a liking to Stiles so Jackson pretty much use Stiles bargaining chips for warriors. Stiles is coached by either Erica or Lydia to become Dereks mate. Stiles falls in the with him and loves the pack including Dereks son. Jackson tries to make Stiles get them to fight for the kingdom but Stiles has no interest and stands up to Jackson. The story continues untill Stiles and Derek are parted to when the diary ends and he realizes him Derek found each other again. Sorry this is so long...I hope someone knows what I'm talking about.

stiles is sleeping with the mechanic
A fic where stiles cant afford his jeep repairs and the mechanic suggests he pay in sexual favours. He keeps taking advantage of stiles for a while until all the werewolf stuff happens and the kanima kills the mechanic like in the show. Also there's a scene where Derek confronts Stiles about how he smells like he has a boyfriend and Stiles tells him he just watched the guy hes been sleeping with die in front of him. End game sterek i think!

Looking for two stories
1) The first story has Derek owning a supernatural shop that has protections so humans don't casually wander in. That doesn't seem to stop Stiles from finding it though, as he keeps coming in and coming back much to Derek's annoyance. It turns out Stiles is a spark which gives Derek a "so that's how he did it!" moment. I believe it's Sterek.

2) The 2nd is a series. It starts with during a fight Stiles magically disappears in front of Derek from the woods in Beacon Hills and reappears in New York years earlier to a younger Laura and Derek. Stiles gets training from a supernatural being who owns a bookstore, so prepare for the future fight he knows is coming. So when he disappears he will reappear shortly after but much more prepared. It was Sterek definitely.

Help please?

help please
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derek is having an old friend from new york coming to see him and when the man comes its stiles cousin or something. and he has a daughterwho knows about werewolves. dont remember the name but it was sterek endgame.

Specific sterek fic
Hello im looking for a sterek fic where stiles casts a spell and blue mist covers the forest derek calls stiles to see if hes ok. Stiles gets turned into a girl from the spell backfiring on him or getting frisky as he called it. He goes straight to lydia and hides it from derek at one point his cars found and dereks crazy with worry. Scott has stiles in his trunk at one point. Any help would be awesome thanks


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