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Specific fic: Sterek AU - Hales alive
meluea wrote in teenwolfsearch

My google skills have failed me, so I'm hoping you lovely people will be able to help.

What I remember of this fic is that it was on tumblr, the Hales were still alive (maybe omega!verse???). There is a specific scene where Stiles and the Sheriff get invited over to the Hale house for dinner and they start asking Stiles all kinds of questions because they know Derek likes him and they want to make sure he's a good match. However Stiles believes they are being patronizing and at one point they ask whether he plays any instruments, and why no one ever taught him, and Stiles gets angry explaining that his mother was too busy fighting cancer to do so.

Oh, and Stiles and Derek weren't together yet.

That's all I remember, any ideas?

Thank you!!!

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That's it! The speed of your reply was beyond impressive, I do believe that you might be made of awesome :)

Thank you!

Haha, no problem. Batty is one of my favorite authors and I stalk her blog every day because I hope to see an update.

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