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Sterek fiction
teenwolf123 wrote in teenwolfsearch
Hey I'm looking for a fic that's is based on full shift werewolves.
From what I ca remember, Stiles was a omega and when shifting he turn into a white wolf which is smaller than other full shift wolves in the Stilinski pack. Stiles is the son of alpha John Stilinski 'pack leader' but because he's the only omega in the pack, he get push around a lot and bullied. [oh and he was meant to mate with Lydia who's a respected beta]
Then when in wolf form Stiles meets a black alpha wolf that's lonely, they start to bond but John Stilinski isn't liking it. When finally the wolf shifts to human form, he reveals that he is the last of the Hales, Derek Hale.
I think Stiles and Derek are finally allowed to mate.
If you find this fic please let me know,
Thanks x

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It's My Wolf by Dexterous_Sinistrous. I just read it the other day which is why I remembered it.

Thank you x I can finally read it again :]

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