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Looking for Derek/Stiles fic recs where Stiles brings the Hales back to life...
iamaslashaddict wrote in teenwolfsearch
Hey All,

I am looking for some fic recs where Stiles brings the Hale family back to life through magic. I know I have read at least a couple stories that featured this subject, but for the life of me I can't find them. I'm specifically looking for this type of fic to have Stiles and Derek in a romantic relationship (first-time or established, either works for me).

I remember specifically on story that from what I remember was set during Season 3 with the human sacrifices... the pack interrupts the ritual that (Jennifer Blake???) is performing in some warehouse, I think. The ritual/spell can't be stopped, but it can be changed and so Stiles performs a little magic and brings all the Hales that died in the fire back to life. I remember that it was hard for Derek and his newly alive family to mend the dived the years created... him being an Alpha while his mother is an Alpha caused tension. There was a whole plot about the Hales reintegrating into life again, getting new identities, rebuilding the Hale house, etc.

Anyways, I am just looking for any fics you guys can recommend that delve into this theme no matter the rating or length.



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