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Lydia and Stiles are adopted siblings
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catzslave wrote in teenwolfsearch
The story is Sterek with a minor Lydia/Allison. Lydia and Stiles were raised by Stiles's dad in a apocalypse society. Werewolves are known and will enslave humans. Witches are normal and are considered enemies to all humans. Unfortunately Stiles and Lydia were kidnapped by a witch for training as her pupils. They escaped but the escape caused Stiles to be be magically blinded. During their travels together Lydia and Stiles meet Allison (who becomes Lydia's GF) and capture Derek with the intent to sell him for profit. Derek ends up falling for Stiles and for Stile's sake protects Lydia and Allison from harm from other weres. Derek helps them escape, Lydia becomes a super witch and everyone lives happily ever after with Derek's betas and Stiles' dad.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Thank you.

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I think this is 'Lead me home" by Circe6. Unfortunately the link at A03 is 404-ing. I'm not sure if the author wanted everything taken down or not but there is a Google doc version of it at Goodreads.

You can find it here, along with some of their other fics and a note stating they dont mind sharing, as long as it isn't back to ao3.


Thank you. Why not share at ao3 I wonder?

It gives a reason why, at least I think it does, on that Tumblr page

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