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Stiles invited to work for Hale pack
I'm looking for a fic where Stiles (and Jackson, Isaac, Erica, etc) gets a letter/ chosen to work for the Hale pack for a year. It's a honor to be chosen, but Stiles didn't actually apply. Stiles gets assigned work as basically a servant and mainly serves meals to the pack. Laura is the alpha.  He makes friends with Cora ( I think), and plays video games wtih her.  Derek is kind of a recluse that writes books, but has Stiles clean his room frequently.  It turns out he and Stiles bonded as children in the hospital, and that's how Stiles got his invite to work for the pack.  Peter takes a liking to Isaac and Erica and calls them his twins.

Hopefully this sounds familiar to someone.  Thanks!

Stiles's college friends think he's lying about having a boyfriend?
Stiles meets a girl at college orientation. She doesn't believe him when he tells her about Derek. Neither do any of his other college buddies. They try to set him up with other people. Stiles moves in with Derek, even gets engaged at some point, but they still don't let up.
The girl had an emotionally abusive ex-gf (Julia or Kate) that fed her the same line about having a bf named Derek.
There was an armed robbery at some point. Derek saved the day. His picture was in the newspaper. Then, Derek, who is now famous for some reason, and married to Stiles, with kids, mentions the picture (him and Stiles kissing) at an interview as an example of how open he has been about his sexual orientation.
The fic was on ao3. It was in parts and long.
Seems to have disappeared. Can someone help?

*LOST FIC* about Peter really liking being an uncle.
Hey guys.  I've gotten such awesome help here, so I hope that I'm not bugging anyone by asking for help again. :)

It was a Derek/Stiles fic. They ended up having a kid, through Mpreg, and Peter finds out that he really likes being an uncle to their kids. Er... great uncle? Anyway, he sabotages their birth control and they keep having kids, and neither one of them know why it keeps happening. At the end of the fic, Peter and one of kids are poking holes in condoms? Or something, and Peter's all, "Just do it like I showed you."

Mpreg with"good" Peter comforting Stiles
Dunderklumpen_Berg rot_NONSHARABLE
I'm looking for a Mpreg fic in which Peter is the one comforting Stiles while Derek, the baby daddy, isn't in the picture. I can't remember if he was away and didn't know about it or if he was too afraid that overly affectionated touching would Stiles give the false impression he was in love with him (which he was but didn't realize himself). The betas did help Stiles out because he craved the security and the touch of pack but everyone was surprised that evil Peter suddenly became good Peter when all his protective instincts kicked in and he substituted for Derek. I think I remember also that it had something to do with the fact that he was a Hale and that the baby kind of craved it.

I also have a scene in mind in which Stiles freaks out/has a panic attack and Peter is there to help him through it. But maybe I'm mixing up two fics here.

I know it was a older story and a long one but I really can't remember which. If anybody has any ideas and could point me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks!

Plot Bunny
I read a fic on ao3 that had people in competition for an alpha an you had to do goals and one was to bring back game to show you could provide and everyone else was bringing back rabbits and squirrels and stiles and one other that followed him bring back big game another one I think was to get a gift they would love in a certain time and something else it was unfinished

(no subject)
Hi. So I'm looking for a fic in which Stiles, starting from a young age, keeps calling the Sheriff's station to talk ro his dad or dispatcher. He keeps on doing it as he got older and I remember the fic ended with him calling in and telling the dispatcher that he was dating Derek or something like that. I really hope someone knows what I'm talking about. :/ Much thanks in advance!

Possible time travel or alternative universe setting
Bethany Zee
So I am new-ish to these communities so please forgive me for any obvious mess ups.
I A03rd the hell out of this fic and came up empty time and time again.
All I strongly remember is the Sheriff being devastated that he had some how missed his son's downfall into PTSD. Severe nightmares, sleeping with a knife under his pillow and his obvious skills with the weapon.
Stiles goes from the norm troublemaker to a broken person with the PTSD of a veteran.
At first I was so sure it was a time travel/ re-do fic but now I'm thinking it might be a universe jump.
I really hope someone can point me in the right direction b/c this is driving me just a little bit crazy.
Thanks for reading.

sterek fic
What comes next is basically a short synopsis of a short oneshot, so spoilers I guess?

In this fic Derek can smell who his mate is. In this fic, Stiles is at a bar when he asks Derek to pretend to be his date because his old beau is there and is like serial killer creepy. I think one of them compares the old beau to robot Ted from Buffy. Stiles goes over to have a drink with Derek and Laura and confesses that he has a hard time turning people down/telling them to get lost, at which point Derek thinks something like, "Pretty mate, you shouldn't say such things." It was a short fic, and a I think part of a series of prompts the author had done, but I really want to read it again. Please help me find, thank you so much!

Legendary Pack

Hello. I love fics where the pack are regarded as legend. Like, “yeah, we know the Beacon Hills pack and no, you should not fuck with them. You will not win”. Particular soft spot for Stiles included in that mythical status. The human, Red, Spark, anything like that is much loved. Gen or slash is fine.

I hope the community can help me with this and thank you in advance!

Derek and Stiles Protect/Guard Scott

Hiya. I'm looking for anything where yes, Scott is the True Alpha, and he's good and virtuous at it and a great leader. But virtue comes with vulnerabilities. So where Scott is the idealistic alpha, Derek and Stiles are his knights; the ones who protect Scott from any threat, maybe even behind his back. No bad Scott please. He's just naïve and still learning. Sterek would not be unloved, but isn't necessary.

I hope the community can help me and thank you in advance!


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