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Season 3b Possibly Sterek fic Stiles goes to Japan
Okay so, when I say Stiles I mean Void!Stiles. Basically Void!Stiles leaves Beacon Hills and ends up in Japan. A Japanese family find him and saves Stiles by exorcising the Nogitsune. I remember that Stiles and a son of the Japanese family have sex, but they're not in a relationship. Stiles eventually goes back home.

I think at one point when he gets home, Scott throws him into a wall, because he thinks that it's not Stiles, but this may be another fic. I think the story was Sterek, but it may have been gen.

Any help would be great guys!!! :-)

derek/stiles fanvid
I am looking for a fanvid that I saw a while ago. In it werewolves have to choose a mate or they die and Derek picks Stiles. I think it was based off a Russian fic.

Sterek fic (figure this out and earn a cookie)
I got this scene of a Sterek story stuck in my head, and I can't figure out what exatly the story was about, 'cause I'm certain it was at least over 10000 words long, but I can't be really sure.

What I do remember is this; Stiles is at a club somewhere where he meets Derek (I don't think they knew each other before this meeting), and I think that Derek was very... domineering, so to speak. It did end up with Stiles giving Derek a blow job, and it's possible that the whole thing was very rough.

Does anyone have any idea which story I think about?

Stiles helps Derek with his Money problem
I need some help finding a fic made in 2012/2013 that has Stiles helping Derek get his families life insurance because he’s running out of money. However Derek feels guilty and doesn’t feel comfortable with that.Stiles drives them to where the person in charge of fixing that up is at (which is maybe in another town). I think Derek turns out to be rich. Idk if this was in the same fic but Stiles helped Derek fix the Hale house. Recall them buying wood for the floor a town over. Scott or Sheriff Stilinski ask him why he’s helping Derek. Thank you for reading this. Anyhelp is appreciated.

It's not "Out of Milk" by 74days.

fake boyfriends
I thought I had this saved but alas I can't find it. Does anyone know of a short fic where Stiles is at a coffee shop/cafe and overhears Derek's family (Laura) nagging him about not dating and spending too much time reading. Stiles plays the hero, walks over, and pretends to be Derek's boyfriend. The family's a little suspicious but he woos them. It ended with Stiles leaving the shop, and Derek following to tell him that his mom expects him to come for dinner.
Any help would be wonderful.

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a story where Stiles almost electrocutes himself, by saving the pack from trolls. The trolls attack the school, and Stiles is able to dump water on the floor and electrocutes the trolls. That's all I remember.
Thanks in advance.

It's Wayward & Down by affectingly by affectingly thank you saphicwicca

(no subject)
Hi! I'm searching for a Sterek fic where Stiles is born a girl, but basically no one realizes it. At one point Lydia and Allison are complaining about period cramps, to which Stiles comments that she doesn't find cramps all that bad. And that's how Allison and Lydia finds out Stiles is a girl. I'm not sure if this is part of the same story, or I'm confusing it with a different story, but I think that when the guys in the pack finds out, they at first think she got hurt because "she smells like blood". Basically only Scott knows, and is very confused (and somewhat insulted) that no one knew Stiles was a girl.
Anyone know which I'm talking about?

Exhibitionist Pack!fic
lady with bear
I’ve been looking everywhere for this fic: it had Derek and Stiles getting into it, and when the pack gets home early Derek isn’t bothered; it’s good for them to see them mate or whatever, and Stiles is doubtful but is too hot to stop. The pack starts getting really into it too because of instincts or something? They don’t join in or anything, but follow them up the stairs to watch through their doorway and are definitely getting off on it. Erica especially, I think. And Stiles likes it, and wonders at the end if he might have an exhibitionist streak. I looked under the AO3 voyeurism tag for so long! I hope you can find it!

Fic Search: Sterek... "I'm a great catch!" "I'd be a great boyfriend"
I read this one near the beginning of falling into the Sterek rabbit-hole, so I imagine it is on AO3 and is one of the popular stand-bys.  In this one, all I remember is Stiles continually protesting that he'd be a terrific boyfriend or great catch.  And everyone sort of laughs it off, but Derek silently thinks that of course Stiles WOULD, because he has so much caring to share, etc.  But of course, he keeps his mouth shut, even as he wonders how it is that no one else seems to feel the same.  (Since my tastes run to long fics with lots of Explicit sex, it seems likely this one would fit into those categories as well.)

Anyone?  Anyone?

LFS Derek leaves BH
Derek leaves BH and stops by Deaton's to ask him to look after Stiles. He knows Deaton doesn't like him but he asks for this favor anyway. Think it is part of a group of stories. Thanks for any one who can help.

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