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I am looking for a story where Peter hires Stiles to look after his house for him. Stiles cleans and maybe cooks for him. Eventually they develop a friendship and Stiles helps Peter with his business. I believe it is something to do with antiquities. Stiles helps him mail packages and stuff. Does this sounds familiar to anyone? It is set in the regular Teen Wolf universe. Thanks in advance!

Sterek Possible time travel Fic search
Okay so this fic I read ages ago and am having trouble finding due to not remembering much. What I do remember is the fire didn't happen because I think Stiles accidentally time travelled and warned them about it. The next bit I remember is Peter having a baby and some sort of ceremony at the Nemeton, I think, where either Stiles or an elf lady do the naming of the kid. And I think Peter asks Stiles to be the godfather. I am sure it was a sterek fic as that is what I tend to read in the Teen Wolf fandom.

Any help at all would be awesome!!!!

Searching for Stilinskicest Fic
Hey, I dunno if this community is still active... BUUUUT, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a fic that I found forever ago. All I can remember about it is that Agent McCall has been thinking about Stiles in a very adult way, and he forgot his keys in one of the record rooms. When he goes back inside, he passes Parrish, who I think is at the front desk, and I think it's stated that he really doesn't care for McCall. When McCall goes back to get his keys, he hears two people having sex in the back of the record room. He ends up looking, and sees the sheriff, then notices that it's Stiles that he's having sex with. I can't remember if it's one, or both of them, that notices him... But, I'm pretty sure he ends up rushing out.

I'm pretty sure that it was on tumblr, but I can't remember...

Please help... :(

Looking for long sterek where Derek becomes like the high alpha, he has purple or amethyst eyes, he
Derek is a good alpha stiles helps. They find out the coach finstock is Derek's uncle. There are lost cousins, one who Derek makes the Hale alpha under his High Alpha. Derek makes Boyd an alpha.

fem!Stiles/Derek pregnancy fic & Sterek future with pack fic
I'm looking for a couple of different Sterek fics.

1) fem!Stiles/Derek fic where Stiles gets pregnant after a one night stand with Derek. It was in an AU where I think Stiles, Scott, and the Hales grew up knowing each other or something and knew the Hales are werewolves (pretty sure it wasn’t a human AU). Stiles and Derek are both in love with each other but Derek thinks Stiles isn’t because she’s primarily dated and been interested in women in the past, and I think Stiles thinks he doesn’t love her because he’s treats her and refers to her like a younger sibling. Stiles tries to hide the pregnancy but is eventually found out, it ends in Sterek happily ever after.

2) Fic two is a future fic, where Stiles and Derek are in an established relationship and Stiles is Derek's mate/the alpha mate/second (human) alpha or something. They and the pack (betas Erica, Boyd, Isaac, possibly Jackson) all live together and the pack can hear Stiles and Derek have sex because of thin walls and werewolf hearing, but all the betas are actually calmed by hearing it (because their alpha and his mate being happy is good for the pack). I think Boyd and Erica are in a relationship and sometimes have sex when they hear Stiles and Derek have sex, Isaac falls asleep to it. I actually ran across this fic again not that long ago but I have no idea if I bookmarked it or not. I know it's on AO3, I think written in 2012-2013, but I've searched with all the tags I can think of and keep coming up empty. (I know when I eventually find it it'll probably be something really obvious too)

stiles with a secret
Hey i am looking for any stories that has stiles keeping secrets from the pack it can be that he is not human has powers is/used to be a hunter i'm open to alot i would prefer slash but i will take anything where he has a big or bigish secret thanks p.s. i am new to livejournal so sorry bout no tags

Sterek fic please
Looking for a fic where Derek, Stiles and Scott grow up together, Talia is the current alpha due to her husband death, when they all playing around, noted an abuse Isaac stumble upon them and Derek become alpha to save him.
Derek is veryyyyy possessive of Stiles.

Since Derek become an alpha too young his uncle Peter bring him somewhere to train him to see if he successful to succeed as an alpha or not, he succeeded, and even Scott willing to submit to become his beta.

Good Peter here, and peter fiancée is a snow creature with a stepchild, but was forbidded to see him due to a curse by Talia and Peter's dad curse him...

I think Stiles also super something here, since he able to break a very powerful curse, ncluding the curse that withhold Peter from seeing his fiancée....


Thank you

Always Sterek!
So I'm looking for a story. Stiles is talking with Derek who lives outside of Beacon Hills in Paradise,Ca. I believe Derek is in the Military, but not 100% on that part. Anyways, Stiles goes and visits Derek because the is looking at going to College near by they spend time together while Stiles visits the college and then when Stiles leaves to go back to Beacon Hills he starts to not hear back from Derek.

Hope someone can help me find this story!!


Sterek or Steter in a segregated Beacon Hills - *FOUND*
Dunderklumpen_Berg rot_NONSHARABLE
I'm looking for a fic I read some time ago. Unfortuantely I only remember bits and pieces here and there. It was either a Sterek fic or a Steter fic although I think the first one is more likely. It's an AU and plays in a segregated Beacon Hills where werwolves aren't allowed in human society.

More detailsCollapse )

I know some details but just can't remember the title or the author. Any help would be appreciated.



It's "Don't Savage The Messenger" by exclamation

Looking for Sterek
I remember this being a series of stories. One was Stiles in college making friends with a girl who had been a victim of date rape. Another story is later with Stiles working for the FBI or something, married to Derek with kids. He has to explain to a coworker that it uncool to stalk him.


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