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Stiles goes to a club?
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Hi guys,

Trying to find a fic that I read once before and really liked, but can't remember what it was called. All I remember is that Stiles is getting ready to go to Jungle with Lydia and Danny, and they came by early to his place cos they knew he wouldn't dress to their standards. So they got Stiles to wear a red (I think) shirt from when he was younger and was very tight on him, and a pair of jeans that Stiles didn't like cos they weren't loose enough. I think he runs into Derek at the club later on.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Looking for a Sterek fic
In this fic I believe Derek sneaks into Stiles room at night and they have sex, this happens for some time. But one day Stiles gets tired of Derek using him so he locks his bedroom window and ignores Derek. One day the pack have a sleepover at either Lydia or Jackson's house. Everyone starts hooking up and Stiles can't take it, so he goes to hide upstairs, Derek follows him. Derek corners him and asks him why he locked the window. I think there was a morning after part where Stiles tries to leave the house but he runs into Boyd in the kitchen, while Derek was in the shower.

That's all I can really remember about what happened in the story, I hope someone knows what fic this is. 

Found - Specific witch!stiles fic
Hi, I'm looking for a specific fic where Stiles becomes some sort of protector/guardian of Beacon Hills and can no longer leave his house. If my recollection is correct, I recall that during the process of him creating the spell, he exchanges one of his eye for a glass one that gives him additional sight, had some sort of weird dietary changes, moved to a house on the outskirts that is quite rundown and chases the Argents out of town. I believe Derek visits him, and that he protected Erica and Boyd when they first come back. Not sure if I'm mixing fics up but hopefully someone knows which fic I'm talking about. Thanks.

Its Battle not with monsters by afullrevolution

Looking for recs
peacock wip nakedwesley
I'm looking for stories that have the Derek we know show up as a teacher/substitute teacher at their school. I think it would lead to an interesting dynamic, but I've only come across a couple of stories that briefly touch on this subject.

stiles leaves beacon hills with danny and isaac
I haven't read this story in a long while so I don't remember a lot. What I do remember is that Stiles leaves Beacon Hills with Danny and Isaac. Erica and Lydia are threatening Stiles and Danny because they want Derek and Jackson for themselves. Isaac just goes with them because he likes them best. They settle in a house on the beach which is where Isaac meets a guy he likes who is also a werewolf. Stiles and Danny end up becoming werewolves. I think it had a fairly good ending, if not exactly happy. It could have been on ff.net but I'm not completely sure about that.

Thanks for any help!

*FOUND* Lost Derek/Stiles Time Travel Fic
Okay, so I was browsing through Derek/Stiles fics on A03 today and a fic's summary got me thinking about another story I read a while back. I am a little hazy on the details, but here goes:

*I think Stiles travels back in time
*Stiles is there when Kate Argent comes to burn the house down and kill everybody and he helps break the barrier keeping them inside
*There was something about Stiles getting shot and knowing in advance so he wore his dad's bullet proof vest
*There was a showdown between Kate/hunters and the Hales outside the house and the Sheriff arrived seeing Stiles shot (that was the point I think... Stiles needed the law to intervene???)
*I almost think Stiles was young, like pre-teen, but at the same time his normal teenage self on the show (or maybe older)... or I could be completely mixing this up with another fic???
*Nobody from the Hales dies (at least not that I can remember)
*The biggest thing that sticks out for me is Stiles wearing the bullet proof vest and getting shot by either Kate or one of her, but not really

Thanks in advance!!!

Five Fic Recs
Getting back into Teen Wolf fic.

1) Stiles fic where someone notices bruises/cuts from werewolf businesses and is worried. They can confront Stiles or go to his father or to some pack member. I just want someone to notice what is happening and help him. Hurt/Comfort is the best!

2) Any fics with Stiles suffering from PTSD or depression as a result of dealing with the Supernatural or Nogitsune.

3) Your favorite Stiles hurt/comfort fics. Big on the hurt, big on the comfort. Anything goes physical (abuse, non-con, kidnapping, getting beat up) and emotional (bullying, isolation, mental disorders).

4) Fics where the Sheriff dies.

5) Your favorite Sheriff and Stiles father-son fics.

Any pairings and ratings.

Two Specific Stiles/Derek fics
I am looking for two Derek/Stiles fics any help would be great.

1) This fic was actually a series. The first couple were told from the Sheriff's POV. He interrogates the pack thinking that Derek assaulted Stiles. I remember one part having Stiles attacking his consoler. And Stiles was magical and Derek shifted into a full wolf.

Beacon Hills Mysteries by miss_alphelion
2) It is set in space or the future. There are Zomibish creatures. And Derek and some of the pack is immune because there wolves but that's not what people think they are. People think it's some sort of injection. I remember the fic had art of the pack in cool uniforms. And Stiles gives Derek a motorcycle. Peter is in it. I think he controls the zomibish creature, who I think are werewolves gone wrong. Sorry if this description sounds confusing.

A Wildness Warily Awakened by Etharei

Thank you for any help.

Older Sterek fic
I'm hoping some one knows this fic. Its older from right after s1 I think. Stiles has magic, possibly very powerful and he's with or interested in Derek or maybe will be later. But Peter knows or suspects something about stiles magic and think of him as a Red. That could be good or bad and either just as a Red or a Ted mating a wolf could be big? Dangerous? Powerful? Peter goes off to Seattle maybe to some other packs to research the matter but is secretive (of course). I almost feel like the story was titled Red but I haven't come across yet. It was a WIP at the time. Thanks in advance.

Magical Stiles search
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a fic in which Stiles has magic. I remember only one scene: he makes a magical circle or some kind of dome and enters it. Nobody from the pack can feel him through the packbonds and Derek goes crazy and I think he takes a full wolf form and lies beside the circle until Stiles breaks it.
I don't really remember much more and I'm hoping that it sounds familiar to one of you.


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