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Sterek fic: unappreciated stiles
I'm looking for a sterk fic a read a while ago.  It was set in the future and derek and stiles are married with kids, I think one was a teenage daughter and she was born a were.  Derek neglects stiles and it looks like derek doesn't respect his decisions for the family because he's a human so the daughter has the same disrespectful attitude towards stiles.  The family ends up in a car accident and derek checks on everyone but stiles, stiles is hurt and no one notices.  Later, somehow stiles ends up recovering in a cottage/cabin in the woods with the care of a woman/witch? In the end, derek and the daughter realize they've been acting like jerks and things end happily.  I think derek and the kids go look for stiles in the woods.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

ISO: 3 things
1) A specific fic. Sheriff Stilinski walks in to find Stiles treating someone's bloody wounds on the kitchen floor. It was most likely Isaac, but maybe Derek. That's how he finds out about werewolves.

2) Any fics where Sheriff Stilinski finds out about werewolves/magic!Stiles/etc. Not solely where he finds out about Sterek, although that can be a part of it - I've had my fill of the latter for now!

3) Any bodyswap fics, where Stiles and the Sheriff swap bodies.


Scott is jealous of stiles and his dad's relationship :)
Hi :) I am looking for a fic where Scott is spending a lot of time together with the sheriff. I think they went on fishing trips together, they spent holidays together without stiles. I think stiles felt left out, and it turned out that Scott misinformed the sheriff on multiple occasions on stiles and what he was doing :) I also think that stiles swapped out himself from the pictures in the home and exchanged them for pictures of Scott :D I think this story was on ao3 but I can't find it :)

Derek choosing Stiles over his mate
GW! 1/R enjoy life
Hi all,
I'm looking for fic recommendations where Stiles and Derek are already together (or seriously pining for each other) when Derek meets his mate… but after lots of angst on both parts, Derek chooses to be with Stiles because he's not an animal dictated by his sense of smell or anything and Stiles the one he *loves*. (Would prefer if the mate wasn't an asshole because I'd really like for Derek to *choose* whom he wants to be with.)
Thanks for your help!

specif search, jackson hits stiles
[ pinverified / won't ever belong ]
Hi guys, I'm sure some of you will have seen this request in other lj/tumblr fic finders but alas, I'm still searching without much luck.

It's a specific fic I'm looking for and there's one scene that sticks out, it's Jackson having rage, insecurity and jealousy issues and taking it out on Stiles.

The scene is at the school, maybe in the locker room, maybe in the hall. There's a few people around, I remember it as the Sheriff, maybe Danny talking to Stiles, Jackson seeing them and just snapping and banging stiles head against the wall or lockers. I think Jackson ends up being questioned about it later either to a therapist or deputy.

It's a good year old (if not older), ao3, gen or s/d.

All the gold stars for you guys, this is driving me mad.

FOUND! See You on the Other Side by damnitgreenberg

all pack sex fics
I'm just looking for all fics where the pack all has sex in the same room, pack orgies, there's one I'm thinking of where Stiles has a heat and Derek knots him in the living room of the hale house? Prefer complete fics,thanks!

Searching; two fics. Both Sterek (probably)
Hi, I'm searching for two fics, both Sterek (or pre-Sterek).

1) Stiles are dating a couple of different people (not at the same time) and every time they meet with the pack they end up breaking up with Stiles 'cause they're 'falling in love with Derek'. When Stiles finally confronts Derek about it, it comes out that Derek have done it on purpose 'cause he's in love with Stiles - and gets really surprised that Stiles honestly had no idea.

2) Somthing happens with Stiles, I think it's something with him getting trapped some way in his dorm room by magical reason. Scott tries to get into the room to help him, but is unable to cross 'the barrier'. They end up calling Derek, and maybe Deaton, and Derek can cross the barier with no problem. It was all about "the one Stiles trusted most", or some shit like that. And Scott couldn't cross in to Stiles 'cause whilst Stiles love Scott he just can't rely on him; since he's so bad with answering his phone and gets easily distracted when getting a girlfriend. Scott vowes to himself to be a better friend in the end. Also pretty sure that Stiles trapped himself for whatever reason?

I hope any of these sounds familiar to anyone!

Also, a more generic 'search'; any and all fics where Derek is in a band. It's alright if Stiles is in a band too, but I just really want in-a-band-Derek :D

Sterek, possibly College AU

I've been looking for a Sterek fic I read on AO3 a while back, which is pretty angsty from Stiles' side. I think it was a College AU, where both Derek and Stiles are students. They didn't know each other before, so no pack fic, and I don't think it involved werewolf (but I can't be sure).

Derek and Stiles starts sleeping together, and Stiles falls in love (or already were in love), but Derek doesn't return his feelings, he's kind of an asshole about the whole thing - I think that he might even be sleeping with other people? And there's something happening which finally makes Stiles give up, because it hurts too much. Pretty sure it's a happy ending, unless I confuse it with some other story, wherein Derek shows up at Stiles' dorm (apartment?) and confess to actually liking him.

Does anyone have any idea which story I'm talking about?

Sterek AU
Hi guys. I am looking for a story I read at AO3, but I can't find it. It is an AU. Derek, Boyd, Isaac and Erica run a coffe shop or a bakery. Stiles and Scott don't know about supernatural. Stiles goes there before the opening and helps. Derek and Stiles get together. I remember a scene when Derek and Stile are in the back of the shop and Stiles asks Derek when will they have sex. Derek wanted to tell him first about being a werewolf, but Erica comes in and tells him herself. Help please :)

Sterek fic
Stiles and Derek
I read this fanfic on Archive of our own.

Stiles goes to take the trash out and then rats start chasing him. Stiles drives to the Loft and Derek can hear the rats in the walls trying to get in. Stile explains that he might be the next virgin sacrifice. Derek takes Stiles virginity and can no longer hear the rats.

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